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SNEAK PEEK 04/12/18

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We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)​
Bombshell Radio​ Artefaktor Radio​


Kronos – Peace
Clea – Dreaming
Eric C. Powell – O Come Emmanuel (Prophetic Mix)
Morgan King – Grains & Grams (Phuzzed Up Mix)
Kiomono – Sunset Vibes
Kunkun – Safe From Grace
Dicepeople – Borderline (Wish)
Zigtebra – I’ll Find You
Lee Triffon – Grow In Me
Ben Beaux – Juno
Annaliese Riedel – Corrosion
Obsqure & Suz – Land Of The Free (Original)
BetaPSI – And We
Jason Saltiel – New World Order
The Human League – Dont you want me [Dark Temptation RMX] Perel – Die Dimension Marcus Worgull Remix
Projekt ich – Time for Memories feat. PLEXIPHONES (Monotronic Remix)
Toze One – Invydyr
Appetite – Too Much Digitial
DarwinMcD and Huguenot – Run Graflex Single Remix
DarwinMcD and Huguenot – Run Static Shore Barge Remix
Eurotix – Hypnotized
Parralox feat. Marcela Detroit – Paradise (Eric Kupper Remix Extended)
Squares – Fortress
Eloquent – Nothing But Trouble (Nature of Wires Remix)
Herhuth AfterDark – Poison
B-Movie – Repetition Rusty Egan Club Mix 128 bpm
Eurotix – Just Another Night
Leopard Tuesday – Crickets, Sharks & Popsicle Sticks
Miles Prower – Shinjuku Summers
Blutengel – Vampire (Dance Mix by PSEUDOKRUPP PROJECT)
Sad Face – Admiration
ASTROMA – Unknown Darkness
Road Lizard – 4-D

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