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Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #270

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The Paddingtons – First Comes First (Single)
The Sonics – Psycho (Single)
The Connection – The Girl Is Trouble (Wish You Success LP)
The Play Offs – Bring Mig Ned (På Rette Vej LP)
The Number Ones – Breaking Loose (Another Side Of LP)
Ex Norwegian – Right Again (No Sleep LP)
Lily Was Here – We Can Have It All (If Not Now LP)
Paul Collins – You Belong To Me (Out Of My Head LP)
The Cars – My Best Friends Girl (single)
Four Star Riot – Listen To Her Heart (Daylight LP)
Popsik Interview
Popsik – Red (Single)
Palmyra Delran and Bubble Gun – No Time Like Never (Single)
Super 8 – Cherry Cherry (Hi Lo LP)
Herb Eimerman – Don’t Ask For More (Single)
Mike and The Knights – Vermut-O-Rama (The Last Gamble Of. LP)
Super 8 – Bob Dylan Said That (Hi Lo LP)

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