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Generating Steam Heat Episode #109

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Generating Steam Heat Episode #109

Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)

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3pm EST 8pm BST 12pm PDT

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Repeats Tuesdays 3am EST 8am BST 12am PDT

Anti Pasti-Two Years Too Late (From the Rondelet Records EP ‘Four Sore Points’ 1980)
Flux Of Pink Indians-Tube Disasters (From the Crass Records EP ‘Neu Smell’ 1981)
GBH-Lycanthropy (From the Clay Records EP ‘Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne’ 1981)
Discharge-Societys Victim (from the Clay Records EP ‘Realities Of War’ 1980)
Crass-Securicor (From the Small Wonder Records EP ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’ 1979)
Honey Bane-Girl On The Run (From the Crass Records EP ‘You Can Be You’ 1979)
Chron Gen-Mindless Few (From the Gargoyle Records EP ‘Puppets Of War’ 1981)
Subhumans-Reason For Existence (From the Spiderleg Records EP ‘Reason For Existence’ 1982)
Abrasive Wheels-Army Song (From the Abrasive Records EP ‘ABW EP’ 1981)
Blitz-Someone’s Gonna Die (From the No Future Records EP ‘All Out Attack’ 1981)
The Gonads-She Can’t Whip Me (From the Secret Records EP ‘Peace Artists’ 1982)
Vice Squad-Young Blood (From the Riot City Records EP ‘Resurrection’ 1981)
Disorder-Complete Disorder (From the Disorder Records EP ‘Complete Disorder’ 1981)
Discharge-Ain’t No Feeble Bastard (From the Clay Records EP ‘Why?’ 1981)
Subhumans-Religious Wars (From the Spiderleg Records EP ‘Religious Wars’ 1982)
Omega Tribe-Profiteer (From the Crass Records EP ‘Angry Songs’ 1982)
The Adicts-Straight Jacket (From the Dining Out Records EP ‘Lunch With The Adicts’ 1979)
Action Pact-London Bouncers (From the Subversive Records EP ‘Heathrow Touchdown’ 1981)
Mau Maus-Society’s Rejects (From the Pax Records EP ‘Society’s Rejects 1982)
Rudimentary Peni-Sacrifice (From the Crass Records EP ‘Farce’ 1982)
Subhumans-Parasites (From the Spiderleg Records EP ‘Demolition War’ 1981)
Zoundz-Can’t Cheat Karma (From the Crass Records EP ‘Can’t Cheat Karma’ 1980)
Discharge-Fight Back (From the Clay Records EP ‘Fight Back’ 1980)

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