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Alex Green #Interview w/ Shannon McArdle
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“When She Was At Her Darkest Point, Shannon McArdle Wrote A Children’s Book”

Everyone copes with the darkness a different way. For Shannon McArdle, after her divorce
to Mendoza Line guitarist Timothy Bracy, she lost her band and her marriage. So she did
the only thing she could at such a bleak moment in her life: she wrote a book for kids. But that’s
not all she did. Roaring back from the abyss with the stone-cold classic Summer Of The Whore,
McArdle announced her solo career in a big way. The follow-up Fear The Dream Of Axes was
no less lethal and now her new album A Touch Of Class completes her winning sonic hat trick.
In this interview McArdle talks to Alex about unwanted guests, hiking with her sister and why
she might ditch it all and move to Ireland. She also talks about the making of A Touch Of Class,
teaching high school English and why she thinks she’s a boring person (she’s not).

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