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Addictions and Other Vices 523 – Days Like These!!!

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It’s showtime. It’s Monday, so it’s time to check out out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox and a few new discoveries we felt the urge to share.

Thanks to all the Labels, Artists and PR companies that sent in tracks this week. This is Addictions and Other Vices 523
– Days Like These!!!

I hope you enjoy!

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Where’s Captain Kirk? / Spizzenergi
What They Said They Would / Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More/ The Penetrators​
Suzie / Of Empires​
Hello Kitty Knife / Peach Kelli Pop​
1957 / Milo Greene​
Sorry / Simeon Kirkegaard
Sweetest Thing / Smoke Season​
Good Girl / Church of Trees​ ft Tara Holloway
Loving The Alien / David Bowie​
Transition (Daisy O’Dell Remix) / The Winachi Tribe​
Off the Map / Tulipomania​
Warm Waters / courtship.​
Hunger / Boon​
I Can Change / Brandon Flowers​
Don’t Change / INXS​
The Devils Punchbowl / James Clark Institute​
Caught On Earth / Evan Jewett
At Home / Slow Pulp​
Tiger / The Gloomies​
Evolver / space babies​
Vegan Chicken / Nulberry​
Wildflower / Dutchkid​
The Get Up / Kayex​
Calm / Vistas​
Can’t Be Mine / BAD NERVES​
Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) / Cazzette​
Byron Bay / Star Rover​
Lose It / Arvidson & Butteflies/
Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records
Wanna Be You / Her​
Alien Boy / Oliver Tree​
Alien Days / MGMT​
99 Red Balloons/ Goldfinger​

Saint In The City PR​
High Violet PR & Plugging​
Shameless Promotion PR​
Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More​

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