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Alex Green #Interview w/ Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

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“Roger Joseph Manning Jr. And I Love Elvis Costello For Different Reasons”

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. is one of the great sonic architects in modern music. From his

work in Jellyfish to playing in Beck’s band to his own solo material, Manning continually

evinces an inherent and complex understanding of music composition. So it’s no surprise

that when he listens to Elvis Costello he doesn’t really hear the lyrics—he thinks of them

as part of the song’s instrumentation. But for Alex, who’s an author he only hears the lyrics.

That said, Roger and Alex talk not only about their love of Costello but how they appreciate

him in totally different ways. Manning also talks to Alex about his new EP Glamping, how

he marveled at Andy Sturmer’s genius and his tenuous relationship with writing lyrics.

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