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Alex Green #Interview w/ the black watch

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“Jerry Slavonia Doesn’t Light Candles When He Writes Songs”

In this interview singer/songwriter Jerry Slavonia, who fronts the L.A. outfit  The Honey Cane,
tells Alex that his creative process has less to do with nuance like lighting candles and
adjusting aesthetic, and more to do with letting the songs flow through him. While Slavonia
admits that sometimes that approach requires patience, his band’s debut album Make Wonderful
was clearly worth the wait. A cascading eleven song collection, Make Wonderful is an album
that’s redolent with rich, rootsy rock, harmonic intelligence and wave-riding jams that roll smoothly
into the stratosphere with a spacey sonic shimmer. That said, this album is a modern California classic,
fitting perfectly between The Grateful Dead’s Shakedown Street and Counting Crows’ August And
Everything After. In this chat, Slavonia talks to Alex about growing up with the Crows’ Dan Vickery,
laboring over the sequencing of Make Wonderful and whether or not he’d play in Des Moines….

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