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Sneak Preview 07/03/2018

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Tuesday’s at 10am EST Listen to #SneakPeak New Music Preview w Artefaktor Radio. 27 new tracks Tuesday on Bombshell Radio

Draumr – None Of These Days
Xenturion Prime – Sweet Harmony
Confidence – Man-Out The Window (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Komputergirl – Timelines
Lazerstar – What I’ve Lost
Nius X – Man Of Honor
Information Society – Nothing Prevails
Zhao – Meltaway
Komodo – (I Just) Died In Your Arms
jmfisz – London Vibes
The Pendant – Smoking Gun
Madou – About Tomorrow (Extended Night Mix)
Screamershock -Rocket Rainbow Science [Fused Re-entry mix] Static Shore – Sun In My Wake
Corroded Atmosphere – Buddha’s Watching Buddha’s Waiting
Andy Ellis – Wasteland (Where’s All The Money)
DJ Shadowkat – Leaving Orbit In A Can
Milan – Hello Beautiful (GX Remix)
Alice Minguez – Take It Up A Notch
Sector One – The Operation Dark Vektor Remix
Page -Nere-För-Räkning
Angie Flare – Road To Happiness
ManMindMachine – RoboNation



Sneak Peek