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Alex Green Interview w/ Kari Kimmel

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“Kari Kimmel Is Everywhere And You Had No Idea”

Kari Kimmel’s music has probably been in your head at one point
or another and you had no idea it was her. With her music and her voice
appearing in almost 1,000 films, television shows and commercials,
Kimmel is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous singer/songwriters
out there. The only thing is, she could knock on your door and you
wouldn’t know who she was. Perhaps the most un-famous famous
person in music, Kimmel likes it that way, just fine. And that’s the thing
about Kari Kimmel: she knew early on what felt right to her and what didn’t.
In this conversation Kimmel talks to Alex about the importance of
artistic advocacy, how she got herself out of some sticky record contracts
and how vital it was to stick with her guns. She also talks about her new album
Gold And Glitter, her love of Michael Jackson and why being so famously
not famous suits her just fine.

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