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Everything And The Kitchen Sink 05/21/2018

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Tonight 10pm-12am EST
Everything And The Kitchen Sink

The second show of 2018, and for the loyal, and longtime listeners of Everything and the Kitchen Sink you will be happy to know that this is the regular mayhem and nonsense of the show that you have grown to like, maybe even love. As always, every show is different. I could do all your favourite songs from back in the day, but you could easily slap on your own records and do the same thing without my annoying voice interrupting or pronouncing shit wrong whilst you enjoy your exquisite tunes. I still can’t believe that I am still trying to do shows after 7 years. Thank you for being supportive and patient through my much needed breaks from this.
As always please go to to get the fancy hyperlinks to directly purchase the track if you love them. F### spotify and support the bands!
You can follow me on twitter and instagram @EatKS. I dislike facebook but you can find Everything and the Kitchen Sink show page there too. Everything and the Kitchen Sink is streamed on
Check their twitter feed for times of the streaming of the show.
The Playlist
Roger Rivas – Organ Shakedown
Yuno – No Going Back
Tom Bright and the Dynamite – Schoolyard Crimes
Le Grand Miercoles – Straight To Hell (The Clash Cover)
Renato Carosone – Tu Vou L’Americano
NLP – Alien Threat
Curtis Mayfield – Do Do Wap is Strong in Here
Chain Whip – Self Destruct
Pama International – Wake Up
Curtis Harding – Need Your Love
Lydia Lunch – Gloomy Sunday
Jack Kerouac and Joe Strummer – MacDougal Street Blues
Fugazi – Sieve-Fisted Find
Def Con Sound System – Pistol Whipped
Mark Eliyahu – Journey
The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister
The Kensington Hillbillys – In Cairo
Hindi Zahra – Stand Up
Era Bleak – Night of the Curse
Danko Jones – Going Out Tonight
Gotye – Out of my Mind


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