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Addictions and Other Vices 484 – Colour Me friday

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I know it’s not Friday. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Our little secret.

New Indie finds, previews of The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday Replay artists coming up this weekend into next week ala Dennis The Menace, discoveries from our social media followers and a few more surprises. * Bombshell Radio Tracks of the Day.

Thanks to all the artists, labels and PR companies that submitted tracks this week.

This is ADDICTIONS AND OTHER VICES Addictions and Other Vices Podcast
471 – Colour Me Friday

I hope you enjoy!
Addictions and Other Vices Podcast and Bombshell Radio Present FIX MIX 484

Bombshell Radio
Present FIX MIX 484
*Bombshell Radio Tracks of the Day

Addictions 484
1. Missing You / John Waite
2. Take Shelter / Palace Winter​
3. Be My Guest / Antoine Diligent​
4. Taking It Slow / Wooly Mammoth​
5. Blackpole / Vinny Peculiar Music​
6. The High Say It Now / The High​
7. Normandy / The Waterfront
8. Dancing After All / Faces On TV​
9. Permanent Vacation / The Academic​
10. Foundations / Kate Nash​
11. Once Bitten Twice Shy / Ian Hunter​
12. When Mommy Kills You / Ty Segall​
13. Me / Mark Senger-Musician​
14. Just One Look / The Derevolutions​
15. The Way I Dream / Caper Clowns​
16. Tonya Harding (In D major) / Sufjan Stevens​
17. Nightcall / London Grammar​
18. Dramamine / Jeff Rosenstock​
19. No Applause / Champyons​
20. Lick Your Lips / Caro​
21. Lemon Box / Moonshine Booze​
22. Knife / Bad Pony​
23. I’m Going To Live The Life I Sing About in My Song / The Last Internationale​
24. Bent Trees / lebend​
25. Heart of Hearts / Anna McClellan​
26. Babylon Is Fallen / 10o’clock Chemical​
27. Anthologised By Cherry Red / Spray​
28. Brainwashed (Radio Edit) / Luke Godfrey​
29. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes / Ultravox (Official)​
30. Perfect Skin / Lloyd Cole And The Commotions​

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Perfect Skin

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

I choose my friends only far too well
I’m up on the pavement, they’re all down in the cellar
With their government grants and my I.Q.
They brought me down to size, academia blues
Louise is a girl, I know her well
She’s up on the pavement, yes she’s a weather girl
And I’m staying up here so I may be undone
She’s inappropriate, but then she’s much more fun and
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
She’s got perfect skin
Shame on you, you’ve got no sense of grace, shame on me
Ah just in case I might come to a conclusion
Other than that which is absolutely necessary
And that’s perfect skin
Louise is the girl with the perfect skin
She says turn on the light, otherwise it can’t be seen
She’s got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin
And she’s sexually enlightened by cosmopolitan and
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
For her perfect skin
Yeah that’s perfect skin
She takes me down to the basement to look at her slides
Of her family life, pretty weird at times
At the age of ten she looked like greta garbo
And I loved her then, but how was she to know that
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
She’s got perfect skin
Up eight flights of stairs to her basement flat
Pretty confused huh, being shipped around like that
Seems we climbed so high now we’re down so low
Strikes me the moral of this song must be there never has been one

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