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Radio Hootenanny – Mid February 02/15/18

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Radio Hootenanny
Bombshell Radio Today Radio Hootenanny Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3 – 5pm ET repeats Fridays 3am-5am EST

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our Radio Hootenanny menu for this week is ready! tune in deats @!

features ♫’s from the likes of:

*denotes Canadian

radio hootenanny theme ­ djskip meets king kong girio*

rub ­ the hysterics*

on the fence ­ soft wounds*

you’re my ­ indoor voices*

the vortex ­ loveproof*

big smooth ­ white hot*

tonight ­ shaky stars*

crashing ­ the sends*

goats ­ the orange kyte*

pics, .ovs and apts ­ paul jacobs*

terminal phase ­ don’t bother*

baby, you all wrong ­ CATL*

misery ­ the ballantynes*

family ­ basement revolver*

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