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Jazzamatazz – Car Chase Funk 4

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  • Car Chase Funk 4…

    Driving action funk, a mix inspired by retro TV & movie car chases. Ideal for staying cool while burning rubber away from dirty cops, or that bank job getaway, or just that edge of the seat race on Mario Kart! Clunk,click,every trip! Have fun 😉

    1    It’s All Right Now                       The New Mastersounds
    2    Pru Urebu                                   The Rias Orchestra
    3    Unwind Yourself                         Marva Whitney
    4    The Bamboos Theme                 The Bamboos
    5    Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag    James Brown
    6    Pure                                             New Mastersounds & Sam Bell
    7    Get Carter                                   Roy Budd
    8    King Of The Rodeo                     Bamboos & Megan Washington
    9    Music Makes You Move              Funkhouse Express
    10    Waterbad Part II                        L.T.G. Exchange
    11    Pass The Hatchet                      Roger & The Gypsies
    12    You Got It All                             New Mastersounds
    13    Kudu                                          Eddie Henderson
    14    Got A Thing For You Baby       Mr. Percolator
    15    Street Scene                             Leon Mitchison
    16    Juggah Buggah                         Weldon Irvine
    17    I’m Gonna Miss You Girl          Ellis & Cephas
    18    Dolemite                                   Scott Henderson

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