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Brilliantfish The Upstream EP 7

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Today 11am-12pm EST #Newshow #theupstream #brilliantfish

We are very pleased to welcome brilliantfish to the Bombshell Radio airwaves. We are not only fans of brilliantfish the musician but recently tuned into his podcasts and instinctively felt this would be a great addition to our programming, and as luck would have it, so did he.

We’ve also just learned by some freak kismet good fortune that this first scheduled airing not only falls on his Birthday but at the exact time of his birth. (Slaps knee) “Come on ” So drum roll please …… This is “The Upstream with brilliantfish”. An eclectic mix of singer/songwriter, indie and rock tracks in the tradition of late night FM deejays of the 70s.

Debuts #Today Saturday 11am-12pm EST
Repeats Monday 9am-10am EST
4pm-5pm EST and 9pm-10pm EST and Tuesday 1am-2am EST

Today’s show features:
Greenway Blvd, Andy Stochansky, Caroly Lill, Adam Faux, Jonathan Seet, Stacey Dowswell, Tom Rich, John MacLeod, Pauline Groen, Sam Taylor and more!



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Brilliantfish - The Upstream