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Jazzamatazz -SURF SOUND TSUNAMI #3. Surf Guitar garage rock music.

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The 3rd Surf Sound Tsunami, 26 non-stop tracks. Surf music began in the early 1960s as mainly instrumental dance music with a medium to fast tempo.The sound was dominated by electric guitars which were particularly characterized by the extensive use of the “wet” spring reverb of Fender amplifiers. A vibrato arm on the guitar allowed the pitch bend of notes downward, electronic tremolo effects and rapid tremolo picking all contributed to a far-out energetic sound.
Other surf mixes…

Surf music is often played in the Kaleidoscope series of mixes @ Jazzamatazz
Have fun 🙂

Jazzamatazz (Scotland)
Monday’s Wednesday’s and Sunday’s
2:00 PM – 3:00PM EST
11:00PM – 12:00AM EST


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