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Famous Forgotten Artists Present Bombshell Radio Guest Mix 02.11.17

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This week our first Bombshell Special Presentation comes to us from Barcelona’s   Famous Forgotten Artists who always manage to come up with interesting cinematic,  retro-futuristic, progressive and experimental music. And all of this within the pop-art concept. For this show they host a great mix of likes and influences and unveil some new tracks from their upcoming album still in production, never heard before. 

Famous Forgotten Artists introduce their music together with some of their favourite songs and influences, in this eclectic session mixed by JohnjoeBegood for BombshellRadio.

Famous Forgotten Artists is a musical project created by Joan Sala, who began producing their music in 2012 in Barcelona. Since then they have recorded two albums that are available digitally on line. At the moment, FFA are getting  their next album ready, and although there is no release date yet, several new tracks have been included in this radio programme.

Amongst their tastes and influences you will find electronic progressive, krautrock, post-punk, psychedelia and new age music.

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  • Burning the Network / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Destroy Everything You Touch / Ladytron
  • Influence and Persuasion / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • From outer space / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Listen to the Sirens / Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
  • How We Become What We Are / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Chapel Perilous / Belbury Poly
  • Life Goes On / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Lemmingmania / Amon Duul II
  • Machines Deleting Machines / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Wings Over Science / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Souvenirs / Midnight Movies
  • Illumination / Broadcast
  • The reality never is enough / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Arabian Knights / Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • Criminal world / Metro
  • Heaven in Ruins / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Again / Archive
  • Supernatural Power Certificate / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • Golden Hours / Brian Eno
  • Welcome / Harmonia & Eno 76
  • Yulunga (Spirit Dance) / Dead Can Dance
  • Enter Password Expiation / Famous Forgotten Artists
  • The Moon Knows Who You Are / Famous Forgotten Artists

You will find our music references in psychedelic, progressive rock, techno-art, post-punk, rock, ambient… which doesn’t mean that we are classified under those styles, rather that they have been our motivation and inspiration to start. In reality we are faithful to the DIY motto and under this premise we work. We know that our audience goes from zero to infinity and while they don’t listen to us thoroughly, they won’t realize if we are the soundtrack of their life.

From a place between heaven and earth, F.F.A. started in 2011 beginning to create and deliver sounds that became part of their configuration via the busy and uncertain social networks. Time will tell if it was worth it.

The discography of FFA includes 2 releases. The first, in January 2013: “The reality isnever enough” and the second “Between the Lost Paradise and the Promised Land”which appeared in April 2015. From this website we offer you the possibility to listen to the issues included in both jobs.

A timeless recordings that will hopefully gain followers from amongst the restless, the curious and the collectors of rarities.

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