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Nigel Thomas – Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard EP 2 02/04/2017 on Bombshell Radio

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Nigel Thomas returns this week with another great guest show for Bombshell Radio.
Nigel Thomas and Bombshell Radio Present
Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
11:00AM-1:00PM GMT and 11:00PM-1:00AM GMT 24-7 Radio
Also available on ITunes and Stitcher


  1. Humble Pie – Black Coffee.
  2. Jimi Henxdrix – 1983 (A Merman Should I Turn to Be).
  3. Norman Kelsey – So Sophisticated.
  4. The Doors – Love Street.
  5. Graham Coxon – All Over Me.
  6. Stone Temple Pilots – Pretty Penny.
  7. The Lords of Thyme – The Bird It Sang.
  8. Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders – A Beautiful Sunrise.
  9. Garlic – Grey Bear.
  10. The Electric Soft Parade – Empty at the End.
  11. Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons – Get Outta My Face.
  12. The Strypes – You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover.
  13. Donald Fagen – I’m Not the Same Without You.
  14. Something Witchy – Sweet Dreams.
  15. Dodgy – Grassman.

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