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Cormac O Caoimh Presents – Irish Music That Should be Heard 01/21/2017

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It’s with great pride we Present this Bombshell Radio Special Presentation our guest DJ this week is Cormac O Caoimh. When we first received Cormac’s music we knew we had something special. A master song craftsman who constantly impresses us. Gracing our Top 100 of 2016 and often landing on our Addictions Fix Mixes and daily spins, Cormac not only comes with great reviews from notabie publications and music stations he’s also very affable. With little hesitation Cormac not only agreed to our request he then personally contacted every musician played for their approval for this compilation. We hope you enjoy this special presentation Cormac O Caoimh Presents Irish Acts That Should be Heard. Thanks to Cormac and all the great Irish musicians featured for taking part. Now if you excuse me I’ve got some listening to do.

1. August Wells – She Was A Question
2. Alien Envoy – Nothing Left To Do But Dance
3. The Walls – Bird In A Cage
4. The 4 Of Us – Bird’s Eye View
5. Greenshine – The Girl in the Lavender Dress
6. Joe Chester – Juliette Walking In The Rain
7. Fiach Moriarity – Nightingale
8. Adrian Crowley – Bless Our Tiny Hearts
9. Mark Geary – Stardust
10. Cormac O Caoimh – Second Hand Clothes
11. Diarmuid O Leary – By My Side
12. Jack O Rourke – Small Stuff
13. Niall Connolly – Corridors
14. Papertrail – I Never Knew That I Was Anyone
15. The Great Balloon Race – Chocolate Beans
16. The Shaker Hymn – Sucking It Out
17. Ian Whitty & The Exchange – Bottom Line
18. Oliver Cole – Magnolia
19. John Byrne – Close Your Eyes
20. Annette Buckley – Her Winters Coat
21. The New 52 – Song for Sara
22. Hank Wedel – Listen

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