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Addictions and Other Vices 359- Days Like These!!! 01/16/2017

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This is been an exciting weekend, saw the new Star Wars, checked out all the shows currently running on Bombshell Radio. We’ve just added two new shows from Australia hosted by Shayne Locke. Soul Traveller – Fresh Tracks and Soul Traveller Extra featuring extended interviews. Great responses from some DJs and artists contacted for our new Bombshell Radio Presents series. Our special guest this week is Nigel Thomas and what amazing show he put together for us. Tonight New Indie finds, a few favourites and a few Surprises. This is Addictions and Other Vices 359- Days Like These!!!
*Picture shot in the Bombshell hood.

i hope you enjoy!

The Cure – Just Like Heaven
Whyte Horses & St. Bart’s Choir – She Owns the World
Lostchild – Blind – track of the Day
Tears For Fears – Mad World
Toothless – Sissyphus
Nigel Thomas – Anne
Dakota – Icon
Heldinky – Arms
Puppet Rebellion – Watch Me Fall
Blushing – Tether
Aleksi Susi – I’m Going Home
Mosley Bar – Two Apart
Equinox – Goodbye ( Feat Dementia)
Navasca – Dis Appear
Einar Stray Orchestra – Penny For Your Thoughts
Restless Sleeepers – If We Never Meet Again

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Addictions and Other Vices