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Back at it .. Tonight New Indie finds, a few favourites and tracks from the Addictions Inbox and our Bombshell Radio Track of the Day.
Digging ourselves out from the snow this is Addictions and Other Vices 356 – Days Like These!!!

I hope you enjoy!

Nirvana – Lithuum
Darlings – I Love You Too
Chrstal Castles – Fleece
Ummagma – Winter Tale (AR Kane Remix)
Mini Mansions – Little Al Capone
Nish Goyal – Sleep At Night
New Model Army – Weak and Strong
Ludvig Van – Hot Spring Moonlight Lady
Echotape – Luttle White Lies
Circa Waves – Wake Up
All Twins – Book
Marching Band – Creator ( and I Notice)
Parker Bombshell – Four Minute Warning
Living Dead Girl – A False Architect
They Called Him Zone – Only You
Caspian Pool – Photographic Memory
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

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