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Addictions and Other Vices 242 – Colour Me Friday-Top 10 Countdown 02/28/2016

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Wow! Our listenership has nearly doubled this month. So we must be doing something right. All powered up and ready to go. Tonight’s show has new Indie finds, favourites, The weekly Bombshell Rado top 10 countdown Plus a few surprises. Thanks to all the artists and labels who submitted your tracks this week. I’m going to attempt to pair our top 10 countdown with one of their musical influences. Last Friday for the most part we were able to successfully combine the two. I know as musicians there’s always that daunting task of answering the question who do you sound like? I can honestly say being on this end of things there is value to that info. It breaks down some of the guesswork when trying to program our shows. So for all of your hard work. let’s say this is a bit of a pay off. And for me and extra challenge This is Addictions and Other Vices 242 – Colour Me Friday.
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