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Jazzamatazz – A Licence To Lindy Hop- Electroswing- Caravan Palace, Clubs Des Bruges, Dean Martin, Mojito Brothers

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A LICENCE TO LINDY HOP is 67non-stop minutes of blissful Electro Swing which is 1920s to 1950s Jazz,Big Band & Swing inspired dance music remixed for the dancefloors of the 21st century. Its feelgood vibe is giving recognition to a music which most younger generations are unaware of, & its fun,quirky sound & lyrics mixed with electronic dance musics funky beats & basslines is filling dancefloors in nightclubs around Central Europe.
Hopefully this Jazzamatazz mix will give people who are currently unaware of this style of music enjoyment & that even the jazz purists out there will appreciatte that younger & new generations can enjoy the jazzier sounds of yesteryear. Lets all get happy feet together with A LICENCE TO LINDY HOP. Happy everything ๐Ÿ™‚
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