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This is the final Addictions Podcast before Xmas. Thanks to all the musicians, labels, and listeners who submitted tracks to this show.This week I mostly pulled from our Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Tonight new Indie finds, tracks from the Addictions Inbox a few favourites and a few songs you might December. (Bad pun intended) This Addictions and Other Vices Podcast 223 – Colour Me Friday

I hope you enjoy.

Fix Mix 223

Weezer – December
Danny and Caroline – Fine On My Own
Ronnie Richalds – My Kind of Lady
The Controversy – Two Voices( Luxxury Remix)
Color Theory – The Light Inside (Andre Henry Remix)
Kate Bush – December Will Be Magic Again
High Jinx – Tooth & Nail
The Open Feel – Strength (Sharkfin Remix)
Spaceship Days – December
Yasmine Van Wilt – Cherry Tree
Sonder – USA – Last Call
Flood – The Right Time
Frankie Midnight – Frankie and the Lonely Girl
Tent City Christ – Sandals (Live)
Art Block – Borderline
Parker Bombshell – What Happened To Me?
Night Jacket – It’s Alright
Lemonade Kid – Just Another Boy Drowning
The Waterboys – December
Runabay – This Day
DreamVacation – Press Play
Tiny Cuts – Neon Bridge
Johnny Clegg & Savuka – December African Rain
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – Air of December
Ummagma – Ocean Girl
Vanda – Keep On Waiting
Counting Crows – A Long December

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